The Pennsylvania Live Steamers, Inc. was established in 1946 as an all volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of the nation’s rich mechanical and engineering heritage. We are incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Our purpose is to formulate and carry out plans for the construction and operation of a live steam railroad and to foster a sprit of cooperation among live steam railroaders.

We are a group of people who enjoy trains and railroading. Our members operate various scales of miniature railway equipment, with one-eight scale, one-twelfth scale and gauge-one being the most prevalent.

Some of our members own locomotives and/or cars. However, owning equipment is not a requirement for membership.

Our 5-acre club site has 3,200 feet of 1½″ scale (7¼″ gauge), 3,000 feet of 1″ scale (4¾″ gauge), an 800-foot multi-gauge loop and a 219-foot dual-tracked Gauge-1 loop. There are multiple unloading facilities as well as handicapped facilities for our members and visitors.


  • Sumerauerhof

    DB BR103 und ICE3 vor dem Sumerauerhof 

  • Sumerauerhof2

    Jahrmarkt vor dem Sumerauerhof

  • ÖBB1010


  • Erzberg

    Erzberg mit Verladeanlage

  • Glockengiesserei


  • Huettenwerk


  • Klaus

    Klaus an der Phyrnbahn

  • Stadtplatz Enns

    Stadtplatz Enns

  • Steyrdurchbruch



  • Kastenreith im Ennstal

    Kastenreith im Ennstal

  • Die Pummerin wird gegossen

    Die Pummerin wird gegossen

  • ÖBB1010

    ÖBB 1040

  • Enns Hauptbahnhof

    Enns Hauptbahnhof

  • Halt in Spittal an der Birnbahn

    Halt in Spittal an der Birnbahn

  • Seifenkistlrennen


  • Endbahnhof Sankt Florian

    Endbahnhof Sankt Florian

  • Die Pummerin wird gegossen
  • Stadtplatz Enns (in Bau 2023)

    Stadtplatz Enns (in Bau 2023)

  • Kraftwerk Steyrdurchbruch

    Kraftwerk Steyrdurchbruch

  • Ausfahrt aus dem Bosrucktunnel

    Ausfahrt aus dem Bosrucktunnel